Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well, these last 2 1/2 weeks were supposed to be my fun vacation, where I went to Michigan for the Electric Forest music festival and then to New York for Camp Bisco music festival, and then to Vermont and New Hampshire to visit friends, but it didn't happen like that. We only made it one state east, to North Dakota, when our car broke down. Then the police searched our car and we ended up staying two nights in jail in Cass County Jail, in Fargo, ND.

Lots of crazy things happened, and our car broke down three times altogether, so the vacation turned out to be an expensive failure. Braking down in North Dakota is the worst place to brake down in the world, it's flat, humid, ugly, lots of sketchy people, and not much for fun things to do. Anyway, I did some drawings while I was behind bars, so I thought I would post them. Not that they are that good, but I'm going to post them for the MEMORIES!

This first one is a fun layout for Bugs Bunny jumping around

I made this little comic strip once I knew I was going to be free, but I still had a couple of hours before I got released.

The top part says Moby-Dick, because that was the book that I was reading in Jail, only got through the first hundred pages. On the bottom is my recreation of and old T. S. Sullivant picture I saw.

And finally here is a sketch of the jail area, with the cells on the left and the tables in the middle. Man this one brings back memories.

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