Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bugs Bunny Covers

I decided to do some Bugs Bunny covers, then scan them in so I could see how I was progressing. Most of the time now when I draw I'm not at my house, so I can't scan in my drawings to check how close they are, or I'm drawing them off of movies I'm watching, so I don't have the original picture handy. So, for these covers I made sure to scan them in and critique myself.

(When I say his right foot, I mean his right foot, not the foot on the viewers right)

Here's the first one that I did, and it was the closest to the original.
- Everything on the head was consistently just a bit too small for the body
- Elbow too high
- Tail too fat
- Body, butt, hanging hand, and kicking leg and foot were a good size, just needs to be moved right
- Standing foot needs to be a little higher
Not too bad for that one.

The second one wasn't too bad,
- The entire head needs to be up and right
- His lower belly needs to be up, as does his left leg
- His left hand needs to be farther left
- His belt is too angled, it needs to be flattened out
- His right foot needs to be bigger
- His left foot needs to be smaller and at a different angle

Here's my third one, and I could tell it was getting late
- The LOA is too deep a u-curve, which makes him too short. His body needs to be taller and not as forward
- Both legs and feet too big
- Tail big and rotated wrong
- Face needs to be skinnier, and the hat needs to be taller
- Both hands need to lower
That one didn't look very good

Tried it again it looks a lot better than the last one, but I'm having trouble figuring out the basic shapes
- Head is too low, also needs to rotated clockwise a bit
- Tail needs to be bigger
- Right foot needs to be tilted up more
- Right hand needs to be smaller, and tilted down more
- Left hand WAY to big
Overall a much better drawing then the last one, but it was still hard to get the basic proportions down right.

The next one is of Elmer, and it was a lot faster, not so slow and careful
- His lower foot is too small, needs to be bigger
- Hat needs to be bigger
But it still turned out pretty good

This one came out pretty close, but I think it is very appealing, I also love the expression on his face, crazy but suave
- Both of his ears look too big
- Carrot needs to be bigger, bu the hand holding it needs to be lower
­ Other hand could be up higher, as well as both feet
- The mostly hidden foot's shape is off, needs to be more bulbous
All in all I liked how this one came out

This next one could have came out closer, just made him to fat and his head is tilted wrong
- His head needs to be tilted back more, which would pull the nose and cheek up higher. I could tell his mouth wasn't open enough when I was drawing it, but I couldn't tell what was wrong
- Neck collar needs to be bigger
- Outstretched arm needs to be lower
- Bugs looks too fat, needs a trim in his back
- Tail to big
- Leg big and needs to be back farther
Don't feel like I nailed this one

So I re-did it. Much Better
- Tail needs to be bigger
- Collar needs to be bigger
- Bag opening needs to be lower
- Head too small, right eye needs to be more vertical, hat needs to be higher
- Leg needs to forward and down a little
Definitely an improvement

This one isn't even close. The line of action is way off.
- Needs to be leaning back

Not bad but again, the line of action has his but tucked under him too much
- Mouth open too wide
- Left hand needs to be higher, and smaller
- But and tail need to be farther to the right
- Left foot needs to be straighter up
Good drawing, just needs the right LOA

This one came out close
- He's too fat right around his pelvis
- Head needs to be forward, and up a little
- Left foot is too big
Not a bad drawing, everything is just a little off.

Body turned out good, but his head is to far down, he just looks stumpy
- Head needs to be higher, thus extending his stumpy neck
- Right hand is to big
- Left hand needs to be up and to the right

This Bugs has an elongated butt
- Butt extends back to far, pulling both his right leg and right had with it
- Right foot angle is off
- Right ear needs to be higher
Left side was good, right side went bad

I was tired by this one, lots wrong with it

Fresh start and this one turned out much better
- Left ear is too big
- Right hand is too low
- Butt is too low
Like how this one turned out, and Bugs design on this one

Just did the head on this one, but I liked his expression
- Well, his left check is to high, and his right check is to low
- His left eye is too bulbous

I think that is enough of bugs for now, I will post some original poses of him soon.

John K Stuff: Bugs Bunny Construction Studies

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