Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eldon Dedini

Just got a new book a little bit ago, called "An orgy of Playboy's Eldon Dedini"

Now I can't paint at all, but I have been playing around with his sleek and plump women style. And I just did the whole picture to get a feel for his light and shadow, and how he composes his pictures. I will have to try my own sometime.

Here is the book on Amazon

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bugs Bunny Covers

I decided to do some Bugs Bunny covers, then scan them in so I could see how I was progressing. Most of the time now when I draw I'm not at my house, so I can't scan in my drawings to check how close they are, or I'm drawing them off of movies I'm watching, so I don't have the original picture handy. So, for these covers I made sure to scan them in and critique myself.

(When I say his right foot, I mean his right foot, not the foot on the viewers right)

Here's the first one that I did, and it was the closest to the original.
- Everything on the head was consistently just a bit too small for the body
- Elbow too high
- Tail too fat
- Body, butt, hanging hand, and kicking leg and foot were a good size, just needs to be moved right
- Standing foot needs to be a little higher
Not too bad for that one.

The second one wasn't too bad,
- The entire head needs to be up and right
- His lower belly needs to be up, as does his left leg
- His left hand needs to be farther left
- His belt is too angled, it needs to be flattened out
- His right foot needs to be bigger
- His left foot needs to be smaller and at a different angle

Here's my third one, and I could tell it was getting late
- The LOA is too deep a u-curve, which makes him too short. His body needs to be taller and not as forward
- Both legs and feet too big
- Tail big and rotated wrong
- Face needs to be skinnier, and the hat needs to be taller
- Both hands need to lower
That one didn't look very good

Tried it again it looks a lot better than the last one, but I'm having trouble figuring out the basic shapes
- Head is too low, also needs to rotated clockwise a bit
- Tail needs to be bigger
- Right foot needs to be tilted up more
- Right hand needs to be smaller, and tilted down more
- Left hand WAY to big
Overall a much better drawing then the last one, but it was still hard to get the basic proportions down right.

The next one is of Elmer, and it was a lot faster, not so slow and careful
- His lower foot is too small, needs to be bigger
- Hat needs to be bigger
But it still turned out pretty good

This one came out pretty close, but I think it is very appealing, I also love the expression on his face, crazy but suave
- Both of his ears look too big
- Carrot needs to be bigger, bu the hand holding it needs to be lower
­ Other hand could be up higher, as well as both feet
- The mostly hidden foot's shape is off, needs to be more bulbous
All in all I liked how this one came out

This next one could have came out closer, just made him to fat and his head is tilted wrong
- His head needs to be tilted back more, which would pull the nose and cheek up higher. I could tell his mouth wasn't open enough when I was drawing it, but I couldn't tell what was wrong
- Neck collar needs to be bigger
- Outstretched arm needs to be lower
- Bugs looks too fat, needs a trim in his back
- Tail to big
- Leg big and needs to be back farther
Don't feel like I nailed this one

So I re-did it. Much Better
- Tail needs to be bigger
- Collar needs to be bigger
- Bag opening needs to be lower
- Head too small, right eye needs to be more vertical, hat needs to be higher
- Leg needs to forward and down a little
Definitely an improvement

This one isn't even close. The line of action is way off.
- Needs to be leaning back

Not bad but again, the line of action has his but tucked under him too much
- Mouth open too wide
- Left hand needs to be higher, and smaller
- But and tail need to be farther to the right
- Left foot needs to be straighter up
Good drawing, just needs the right LOA

This one came out close
- He's too fat right around his pelvis
- Head needs to be forward, and up a little
- Left foot is too big
Not a bad drawing, everything is just a little off.

Body turned out good, but his head is to far down, he just looks stumpy
- Head needs to be higher, thus extending his stumpy neck
- Right hand is to big
- Left hand needs to be up and to the right

This Bugs has an elongated butt
- Butt extends back to far, pulling both his right leg and right had with it
- Right foot angle is off
- Right ear needs to be higher
Left side was good, right side went bad

I was tired by this one, lots wrong with it

Fresh start and this one turned out much better
- Left ear is too big
- Right hand is too low
- Butt is too low
Like how this one turned out, and Bugs design on this one

Just did the head on this one, but I liked his expression
- Well, his left check is to high, and his right check is to low
- His left eye is too bulbous

I think that is enough of bugs for now, I will post some original poses of him soon.

John K Stuff: Bugs Bunny Construction Studies

Monday, January 10, 2011

Terrytoon Model Sheets

These are the model sheets that made me want to draw the mighty mouse comic. I've been having trouble finding the time to draw at home so most of work is outside of my house. Meaning, I don't check my drawing with a scanner as much as I use to, but still on occasion. This is one of those times I was away from my house, so I didn't check, and this was done at the start of December 2010.

Mighty Mouse Comic Strip

Well here is my first comic strip made just in time for the holidays. It's a Christmas adventure, so I barely got it done in time. Now that a lot of the holiday rush is over I can post it up here for you guys to see. It was kinda rushed to get it done before Christmas, so there was more I wanted to do with it, but being my first comic, I don't mind if it's a little incomplete.

So that was my first finished comic, exciting huh? It was a lot of fun, and it did push me to draw a lot better. I was just drawing Mighty Mouse off of one of his model sheets and was having fun putting him in different poses, so I decided to do a comic with him in it.

Here is my rough storyboard, and then scene sketches.

Now, here are those sketches arranged on a page and cleaned up. I didn't start off with a full page layout in mind, but i think it worked out pretty well. Next time I will probably do shorter stuff, so that I can work on different specific areas easier. Also I think of the page layout earlier than this time.

Inspired by this post that I read a long time ago, and after looking at it again, it ironically shows a Mighty Mouse comic. What are the odds.

John K Stuff: "How Can I Get Life In My Drawings?" - Tell A Story

And here is my Terrytoons Model Sheet Post