Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dancing to the Bosko Beat

Wow, I meant to post this thing like two or three months ago, but I guess I got busy and forgot. I had it posted on my vimeo channel, but I never got around to blogging about it.

This thing, would be the first lesson on animation from the John K Stuff blog. He talks about animating a simple character on musical beats as the fastest way to learn how to animate. So he then shows a clip of Bosko, from the 30's and it's simple enough to figure out. I went a little further, and got a couple more seconds of footage animated. This was also my first and only attempt at traditional animation with pencil and paper on my homemade light table (actually it turned out really good for only $15).

Bosko Dance Animation from Tyler Williams on Vimeo.

Now tell me what you think, hopefully I can get back to doing this more, it's sweet to flip through the animation and see it move before my eyes. Some nostalgic feeling that computer programs have never giving me, it just feels more real.

Here is the original post
John K Stuff: Animation Course Level 1, Lesson 1 - The Beat - Kali Does Bosko

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NFB Animation Chart

Well it's been months since I posted anything, and the main reason for that is lack of time. With work, school, and snowboarding I barely had time for anything else, but alas snowboarding on chair lifts is over, and finals are next week, so I am going to be overloaded with spare time, which will be nice.

Speaking of spare time, I was browsing my usual blogs and websites one day a couple weeks ago, and I came across a great piece of animation history on Michael Sporn's Splog and it was the NFB Animation Chart from 1967. The original post is here and man does this have a lot of new info to me. It also has lots of in depth info on animators and directors. It's fun to see how much the directors and animators jumped from studio to studio.

Anyway, I was feeling frisky one day, and decided the pieced together scan that Michael Sporn so graciously put on his website wasn't perfect enough for me. I had printed it out on 16 pieces of computer paper, and glued it on to foam core, but it wasn't good enough. So I decided to recreate the entire thing from scratch in Adobe Illustrator, so that I could have a crystal clear recreation. Now about 20 hrs later it is finished, at 300 dpi and about 48 in X 36 in. Sorry for anyone who speaks French, but I only copied the English parts.

Now I can print it out on nice paper and frame it for my wall. I was thinking had decent prices for a print this big, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Without further adieu, her is the poster in all it's digitally remastered glory!

(Actually this is just a preview because blogger will only let me upload an 8 GB image with a maximum resolution of 1600 pixels)

So I uploaded the image to Rapidshare, it is available as a full dimension and 300 dpi jpeg (15.4 MB) and also as a pdf file (0.2 MB), which is the file format I am going to have it printed from. Enjoy, and hopefully someone gets something out of this as well.

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