Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Animation Desk is Finished!!!

Holy cow, three posts in three days. It seems like I must have made a new years resolution to blog more often, but unfortunately I didn't. I just have more time on my hands and more things to show. So I am excited to show off my new animation table. Just finished putting the hardware on it and assembling it a couple hours ago. The top had an old dark varnish and veneer on top. I decided to take it off because it was beat up after fifty years of use and abuse (maybe more or less time, who knows?) and found 1 inch thick solid red oak top. It has lots of bug holes in it, so I can see why they veneered it, but now-a-days we have epoxy to fill holes and I think it looks beautiful with all of its natural holes. It is not perfect, but it is good enough here it is. Right now it uses some pneumatic gas spring stays, so it is either open or closed and it is open at 60degs. If you guys want more pics or have any questions let me know.

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