Saturday, December 1, 2012

Failed Commercial Work

School is over for the term and due to me moving to another state and waiting to gain residency, it is going to be  little bit before I go back. Which is fine by me!

About a month (or 2 or 3 months?) ago I met with a lady who needed an illustrator to design some pictures for her children book. I met with her and she showed me one picture that she had for the project. She didn't give me much direction to go with my art, so I made some line drawings. Then I took one of them and painted it in a bunch of different ways. After I sent them back to her, she never responded. After waiting a couple of days, I tried some more, but no response. Then about 2 weeks after I first emailed them back to her, my friend who new the lady, told me she didn't like them.

So here they are for you!

It would have been fun to do my first commission, but I wasn't too worried about not getting it. I feel that she might have not been ready to move forward with the project yet, so she just backed out. Or maybe she just really didn't like my art.

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