Friday, August 24, 2012

Photoshop Images

I just finished with my summer classes. YAHOO! I took a Photoshop class which really helped shed a lot of light on the program, for I only knew how to use it a vary basic way. And most of the time when I needed to use it, I just fumbled my way through it. I thought I should post some of my images that I had to do for the projects throughout the term.

 Project 3
  For this project we were supposed to create an illustration using brushes and layer stacking.

Project 4
For this project we had to colorize a black and white photo, I chose this black and white promotional photo of Bob Clampett and his creations. The objects were actually pasted onto the photo, so I had to blend in all of the ridges left between the paper and the photo.
(Here's the original)

Project 5
These projects were all about filters
 Here is a picture of my old dog, with a beam of light behind his head that looked just like he was smoking a cigarette. So I emphasized that, and made the room smoky.

I had to create a texture using only filters. This was done off of an online tutorial as seen here.

Project 6
 This was my first try at making a composite. The crow was added, and so was the flower in his mouth. Both images were off of Deviant Art, the crow can be seen here and the field of poppies can be seen here.

For our final we finally learned about layer masks, which seems like a really powerful tool. Then we had to create a collage with some sort of type in it using all of the tools that we have learned over the course of the term. I think this one turned out really cool.

I liked the class, I learned a lot and had fun doing it.

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