Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jinks Knickerbocker Toy Construction

Here's my Jinks toy construction lesson. For some reason, I seemed to like this one more than the Top Cat construction lesson, it came to me easier. Must mean that I'm getting better.

Also, after drawing all of the photos, I did some pretty quick drawings from my head, so that I was applying what I had learned from doing all those drawings. It was fun to do some loose drawing after all that slow, detail-tight drawing. I might do some more later on.

Here are the quick, loose drawings to see if I learned anything from this lesson. Obviously some look better than others, and all of them have errors, but they don't look half bad.

Here are all of the tries and retries that I did to get to the final drawing.

John K Stuff: Toy Drawing 3 - Advanced -Knickerbocker toys - Jinks

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