Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Porky Poses - Lesson 7 (Again)

Holy cow, drawing up my own poses is super fun. When I copy someone else's drawing, the funnest part is looking a pretty looking finished drawing, but when I make up my own the the whole process is fun (although more difficult and time consuming). At first I started scribbling some poses with a pen,
(you can check out the scribbles in this post) to get the good line of action, good proportions and a generally pleasing figure. Then I roughed out the proportions,bigger this time, and tried to iron out anything that was bugging me. Lastly I went over it in red and laid down the details. Cool huh!

Guess what director I was thinking about when I scribbled this one

John K Stuff: Animation School Lesson 7: Combining Construction With Clear Silhouettes

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