Monday, December 28, 2009

Lesson 5 - Tom and Jerry

Whew! That lesson took a while to get done. What with the holidays and snowboarding I have very little extra time, but now that the holidays are over, I have more time to draw. But going boarding a couple times a week eats into a lot of my drawing time (but I'm not complaining!).

I can definitely see an improvement in my drawings, but I am also becoming more and more picky with the quality, so they are taking just as many tries.

Tom and Jerry are fun to draw, but they are also very easy to draw ugly. Usually I would get all of the proportions down, then get an appealing picture.

Here is the progression the drawings took to get to the good one.

Also, I have been playing around with inking in Illustrator and that really helped me figure out where and why lines were drawn. Tracing over the pictures really helped drive home solidity and how to draw solid characters.

John K Stuff: Animation School Lesson 5 - Line Of Action, Silhouettes

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